Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cranberry Cowl

I didn't bounce back as quickly as usual after Raphael's birth due to a couple of post-partum infections (nothing some long baths in herbal tea and seasalt couldn't take care of—thanks, sweet Rachel!—and some pots of cranberry tea). My long-suffering mother has been captive here, taking over my duties while I nap. Kind friends have brought meals.

As frustrating as it is to be off my feet (and during the most beautiful weather of the year!), it hasn't been all bad: I devised my first ever knitting pattern! See the "tutorials" tab above for a free knitting pattern. A little gift, just for you!

I have this uneasy feeling, because it's so simple, that it's not actually original. Surely somebody, somewhere, has already thought of this combination?

The cranberry cowl is a simple horizontal lace pattern knitted in the round in chunky wool. I've worn it all Fall, and it is so cozy and pretty! It is named in honour of the humble cranberry which has brought so much health and healing this past week

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