Thursday, September 29, 2011

Child Placket Sweater

Gracious heavens I nearly forgot to show off the knitting!

This is the child placket-neck sweater. It's a free pattern (of course!) and can be found on ravelry with additional (printable!) help from here. Joelle's directions are somewhat minimalist. I love the raglan shaping all the way up to the neck. The sweater looked very manly and proportionate on Matthias before he tore it off screaming, "No! Baby! 'Fias no Baby!" He knows what he likes.

I did not make the owl. I saw it in a store, and said disparagingly, "I could make that", determining to go home and make it. That evening I realized I could either stay up until 1 am and make an owl, or be a nice mother next day. I couldn't do both. 
Clay buttons from White Duck Pottery in Combermere. Quick! White Duck is going out of business! Angela, I told you I'd have the perfect project for those buttons! 

unblocked, still


  1. Awww. That's really cute Mary. Was Matthias saying, "No, I'm not a baby," or "No, this is for the new baby?"

    Did you get my package in the mail?



    PS. What about Peter? Peter Pemberton, that would be cute :)

  2. Hi Lizzie! I think he was saying both. He's still not very articulate, but he knows he's not a baby. He has the same violent reaction against knitted slippers and underwear, which he's convinced is a diaper.

    Peter is a fine manly name. We like Piers which is a derivative.

  3. Oh, and we got the package!! Check your mailbox for return post.

  4. Thats a cute jersey and the owl - I know that " I could make that thinking" - am about to buy a tepee tent because I just can't do everything and spring is here and we really "need" a little play tent. Plus someone else benefits when you buy their handmade goods - enjoy that owl and the sleep it bought you.