Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day

In between the painting, the bleaching, the harvesting and food preparation, the renovation of furniture, the folding and refolding of baby clothes, and all the other frantic pre-baby "nesting," we are blessed with a quick visit from a beloved cousin from New Zealand.

Anna is a firefighter (or Fireman Girl, according to the boys) and triathlon gold medalist—at the international police and firefighter games: Way to go, Anna!

The boys were thrilled to see her pop her racing bike out of her car and assemble it in a couple seconds. Then she patiently shambled along at the unbelievably slow pace of Hugh and Willie's tiny bike wheels—which revolve for dear life to keep up with the big bikes!

We had a beautiful day finding fossils and climbing willow trees. Such a welcome rest, such a beautiful memory, such a wonderful young woman to bless our home right before baby comes!

Matthias and Anna blissed out.

God speed, Anna! We will miss you!

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