Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I am grateful for:

—the incredible outpouring of love from this community of women, who held a "welcome baby" celebration for me this weekend.

I am truly overwhelmed by the love and generosity for this fourth baby, by the sheer volume of gifts from such busy, hardworking women, and by the evident joy for yet another new life in our family.

While I privately feel the exhilaration of welcoming our new baby, and my own little family is excited and prepared, I'm fully aware of how crazy it all appears from the outside.

These are women are mostly older than I, mothers of large families themselves, who have been childbearing for a lot of years. They are so wise, funny, and practical. They have suffered deeply, and yet laugh so easily. I am truly humbled by the love they showed me and by the wisdom and humour I learn from them.

—this great little soul, growing into a little boy: my love Matthias. 

The bathroom is a place of  rest and meditation for many of us. 

—pink champagne. Well, actually grape and cherry juice fermented with water kefir grains  for bubbly goodness. I'm doing experimental batches to have a really good brew ready for celebrating new baby.

—And a new favourite sandwich: slices of pear and mozzarella on croissant, with a little cinnamon and crabapple preserve (a gift from another fantastic woman in our community.) Just look what it's done to my belly!

magnatune. Baby and I and Matthias have been enjoying Boccherini and Vivaldi and beautiful Eastern vocal music.

In these tired, late days with their aches and pains and frantic busy-ness, there is so much beauty to keep us going!

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