Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shed Chronicles- 2

I'm overdue for a little show-and-tell of Will's shed. We decided to turn it into a little study for Will, with a loft for guests. Will moved in before it was even finished. There's a lock on the inside—he's in heaven!

Will spread a concrete floor and arranged a little stoop from crushed chimney pots—which we just happened to have lying around. I'm going to sneak some moss in between those sharp edges, just to age it, you know?

 The flooring of the loft is some old boards from Will's junk pile collection. He planed them down just enough, and left some grey "aged" bits which is lovely though  hazardous to bare feet. A little finishing is still needed.

The man who did the plastering. (Hey cutie!) Outside the window are apples trees, comfrey, and squash vines. And the compost.

Windows were free on kijiji, which makes us all very happy. 

Bookshelves, and we're all ready to move in!
There is a very calm, peaceful, studious feel to this shed. As our friend John says, it just makes you want to sit down and learn an obscure language. 

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