Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting the Stairs

note: edited to link back to Pretty Happy Funny Real from Leila's wise and funny blog. I found the whole escapade to be totally hilarious, as well as pretty, funny, and real.

I painted the stairs last night. I do love the classic, glossy, black-and-white steps. They're just right for the age and ahem decrepitude of our little house.

...with three children

Lots of touchups to do. Note to never use dollar-store paintbrushes again. 
However, this morning we discovered that it hadn't dried. Disaster! My family was stranded upstairs, and I was stranded downstairs. (I'd slept on the couch.) That's a lot of stairs between a pregnant woman and the bathroom. Will responded in an enterprising, if somewhat humourless, way...and rigged up a basket so I could send up breakfast.

the lowering basket

So far, everyone is having a lovely morning of play and philosophy reading, with the promise of watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang later when the fights begin. I am documenting it all from the safety of the couch. 

An emergency call for Plato and more salsa
Popcorn for breakfast, and school is cancelled!

And fortunately we have kind neighbours who will take pity on a pregnant woman and let her use their bathroom!


  1. Wow, what a great idea. A basket! The boy's must be enjoying the adventures.
    Love from their auntie.

  2. Mary, I am still reading and couldn't help but comment: wow! Wow to so many things:
    1. Not needing to use the bathroom at night while pregnant!
    2. Little boys who will stay upstairs for a very long time.
    3. The obvious getting-near-the-end energy that overcomes a pregnant woman and makes her accomplish household chores that seem monumental when not pregnant. (I really should work on a graduate degree during my next pregnancy;))
    All the best, Elena

  3. this is HILARIOUS. and they look beautiful!

  4. Lizzie—c'mon down! Where were you when we had a household disaster?

    Elena—you found me out! 1) I peed in the back yard last night 2) We resorted to a movie 3) I'm thinking of getting a graduate degree in house painting.

    Maggie—give us a call, girl!

  5. What cracks me up the most was how many stairs he painted and never ever realized....

    you and the boys were troopers-though I bet they thought they were having the best adventure with Dad.

  6. Mary, thank you for the back-yard pee clarification. I have certainly peed in many places other than bathrooms, much to Dave's chagrin. Unorthodox peeing is a sticking point in our marriage but one which I hesitate to discuss openly when we speak at marriage prep weekends...

  7. But I'll bet you weren't unorthodox until you had a baby....

    (That's when I lost all sense of propriety)